MR60BHA1 Breathing and Heartbeat Module not working

I got the MR60BHA1 Breathing and Heartbeat Module and am using it with an Arduino Nano.
Now when I try to use the upper computer software I get nothing but a green line at zero for the body movement curve.

No matter what example file I upload, what mode I use there is nothing but the raw output in the debugging field. Am I missing something with this software or is it still work in progress?

Also when I try using the Breath Heartrate output the heart rate and breath rate values just go randomly up and down, where it doesn’t matter if someone is in front of the sensor of not.

Same thing with the human presence. I just get seemingly random values that don’t correlate at all with the person infront of the sensor.

Has anyone managed to get the sensor working as advertised and can help me out what I’m doing wrong?