MR60BHA1 60GHz radar module value parameter clarifications

Hi. Just wanted to ask the parameters for the categorization of monitored breath rate val for it to classify if the rate is slow, rapid, or normal. Like for example if it is slow or Bradypnea, it should have a breath per minute of less than 12bpm. Also, how does it quantify the number of apnea. Lastly, how does it determine 1 breath cycle? Like does it use the distance of the human chest as an indicator if the person is inhaling or exhaling (for example if the direction is towards the sensor, then the person is inhaling). Any answer is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

here is the sensor data sheet and user manual about MR60BHA1. You can refer to it.

More information is available at the bottom of our official purchase link. It’s called LEARN AND DOCUMENTS.