MR60BHA1 60GHz mmWave Radar Sensor

I recently bought an MR60BHA1 radar sensor for heartrate monitoring. I intend to use the device with Arduino as the controller. I am having trouble communicating with the board. The “protocol” description document is cryptic and I was unable to exchange even basic commands (e.g. read the board information).
I am using a 3.3V Arduino (teensy 3.2) with TX(radar) connected to RX(Arduino) and RX(radar) connected to TX(Arduino). On the Arduino, I use Serial1 (pins 0 and 1).
The radar is constantly transmitting random data and is not responding to my “Serial1.print” commands. The data seems random. I can’t detect any frame headers (0x53, 0x59) in the data transmitted by the radar.
Does anyone have working examples or sample code for this product?
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I would also like to learn of there is an example showing how to interface this board with an Arduino.
Hopefully the Seeed team will have time to help the community with that.

You can find a protocol definition at
But, beware, it is full of differences from the data you will actually see from the device. And, the default baud rate is 115200, not 9600. If you just connect the thing up and connect to a ‘terminal’ program via a UART to USB ‘dongle’, you will be able see the data flow immediately. You don’t have to send data to the device, just parse the data coming from it. English was not the first language of the guy who wrote the document:)