Motor specs for the Two Wheels Balance Car Chassis

Hi Seeed,

The motor specs for the Two Wheels Balance Car Chassis with JGA25 Motor Kit (SKU: 110090264) does not seem correct.
For example,
No-load speed (without deceleration) 32rpm/min.
It does not seem valid.

Can you please provide the valid specifications for all parameters?

Thank you in advance.

May I ask if you have actually tested the unloaded speed and found it to be different from the actual speed? The information provided on Bazaar is already complete. Perhaps you can also take a look at the motor documentation to see if it can alleviate your doubts.

Thanks @Seeed_Seraphina for your reply. The document you have shared mentions the no load speed is 190 rpm and 350 rpm at 6V and 12V respectively. I will have access to these motors next week then I can confirm it.

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