I share this modification for the Edgebox-ESP-100 for the programming port. This mod is for adding a TTL rs232 usb dongle to the programming port for upgrade the way of upload code with Arduino IDE.

By this way, there is no longer need open the Edgebox-ESP-100, and the Arduino IDE makes the reset by you.

-Arduino IDE auto reset the board when you upload the sketch.
-Serial monitor detection of com port is not affected, after uploading the sketch you can use normally the serial port.
-No more open the box.
-Tested with Arduino IDE 2.2.1.

-2 resistors 10kohm 5%
-2 NPN transistors (i do test with transistors S8050 J3Y and 2n2222, and works well).
-Wrapping cable or 22awg cable
-USB to TTL RS232 dongle with 3.3v selection, with RTS and DTR exposed pin, like HW-417 (i use this)

-Soldering Iron, soldering flux or paste.

1.- Open the box to get the pcb exposed, and get the programming points. Desoldering this point and get space to extract by cable the four points of programming.

2.-Extract the cables, and solder to the usb ttl adapter, desolding the red circle pinout and put cables in RTS and DTR points (green circle), and solder the cables:

BOX------------>USB TTL
GPIO-- free cable to the IO0 of the circuit

3.- With the resistors and transistors make this little circuit and solder the side of the USB TTL in the RTS, DTR points, the collectors of the transistors go to the EN and GIO0 points:

4.- From the circuit sold the EN point of the circuit to the EN pin directly to esp32 (blue cable) third pin from up to down of the left side of esp32, and the IO0 to the GPIO0 cable from the programming port (orange cable) or directly to the GIO0 pin of the esp 32 last pin of the right side of the esp 32

5.-Power up the board and connect the usb dongle, make test with some code.

When finish only left adapt inside the box the usb dongle, isolating all. Open a little hole in the front of the box and stick the usb.

This mod is not the best, or not the most aesthetic, but is functional. If you can adapt better using some more please share you test and your mods.

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Hey thanks for sharing.

Programming the board is very annoying, I actually broke one by accident because I used to pull out the connector for power cycling the board and tore off a capacitor :man_facepalming:

I actuall found an other solution that i wanted to share, im now using the OTA update capabilities of the ESP in combination with platformio. This works very nicely, no cables required at all :slight_smile:

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Sorry for your board :frowning: , please share the method for the OTA, i never use that and i want to test it :smiley:

Hi, yeah was my own dum fault :slight_smile:

Im using basically this (Local solution): Espressif 32 — PlatformIO latest documentation

Im usiing the arduinoOTA library as that one also works with the w5000 ( and not only the wifi)