mmWave Kit in boot loop, can't flash firmware

I have a mmwave kit that appears to be in a boot loop. When I try to flash in esphome web flash tool, the port flips between available and unavailable continuously. Any way to flash it connecting to pins on the board?

You talking about this

have you tried the iphone app? that was the onlything i was able to get to respond as of now… What Da?

No, I am talking about this kit here.
mmWave Human Detection Sensor Kit - Seeed Studio

I cannot get it to stay connected long enough to reflash it with Esphome.

Maybe you can open the cover and put the XIAO ESP32C3 in bootloader mode

Just tried that and the serial port keeps going on and offline. But thanks for the suggestion. DOH, helps to look at the picture and pick the correct button to press. Got it into bootloader mode and was able to flash it.

Thanks for the assistance.