mmWave Human Detection Sensor Kit power adapter issue


I bought the mmWave Human Detection sensor kit. I wrote my own software with Arduino IDE, basically the same software used on this page: 24GHz mmWave Human Static Presence Lite | Seeed Studio Wiki.

After flashing, I was able to see the console logs on Seeed Studio mmWave Kit ( which works perfectly. The software was sending activities to my MQTT broker. The sensor was USB connected to my computer. Unfortunatelly when I’m placing the sensor and using a power adapter the sensor is not working anymore. I checked 5 different power adapters, multiple wall outlets and still not working.

Bit hard to check the console logs because its working as soons as I connect the sensor to my computer. The wall outlet does have an outlet of 5.0V.

I couldn’t find anything in the documentation, does anyone have an idea what might be causing this or how to solve this?


Edit: after some debugging the code is only working as expected if I’m opening my console log at Seeed Studio mmWave Kit

Hi there,
In your code do you have while Serial line? maybe?
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Thanks for your reply. Indeed, I noticed there was still a Serial line in the code:


After removing the code is working as expected.