mmWave Fall Detection Pro - firmware update


I do have the mmWave Fall Detection Pro (MR60FDA1). Recently a new firmware update has been released so I want to update my sensors. According to the documentation I have to do this with a j-link, unfortunately I can’t buy a j-link anywhere or it’s sold out. Is there an alternative with which I can update the firmware of this sensor?

Thank you for your support of our products. You can first look at what time the product was purchased, if it was purchased at the end of 22 to recently, you can not need to update the firmware. If it is earlier time, you may need to update. The update method is currently being iterated by us, such as the current Jlink and future UARTs, etc. We will be releasing the update method for UART this week, so stay tuned.

Segger could make it easier to find but you can still order the J-Link Mini EDU (education or private use only) model from here for $60

You’ll want to check that you have the necessary connecting wires of course. I purchased these from Amazon as the cables that come with the J-Link Mini EDU don’t do you much good to try to connect to the Seeed module, they are much much smaller…

Hope this helps