MIX8410 - Unable to get working

I have connected the sensor to ADC1-CH6 - GPIO34 on a DEVKit 32, loaded the sample code and am only seeing the maximum readings.

I tried to test using another handheld O2 sensor Smart Sensor AR8100, I put them both in a vacuum bag and then sucked out the air with a vacuum. The Smart Sensor showed reduced Oxygen, but the MIX8410 was still showing 21%!

Any tips on what to look for would be appreciated.


Decided to strip back my code to something that simply does an analogue read of the pin and displays it and the ADC level is always 4095.

I put my meter on the signal ping and it reads 3.295V.

Is the sensor faulty?

Just a thought do you need to remove the sticker on the sensor?