Microphone with amplifier

Is there any sample code for using the ELB103C5M module. I cannot seem to find any info on the Seeedstudio website.

We are so sorry that we haven’t upload the sample code to website, we will do it soon. The following code is a sample for ELB103C5M model.

/voice pin/
int analogPin0 = 0; // voice pin
int voice_val = 0;

void setup()

void loop()
voice_val = analogRead(analogPin0); // read the input pin
Serial.println(voice_val); // debug value
delay(1000);// wait for a second


Many thanks for responding. Is there a schamatic of this module available?

I have bought two Electronic brick - 3-Axis Accelerometer Module (BETA),the power and groud pin in this brick seems different with Electronic Brick Chassis IIC port,so I can not use Fully buckled 4 wire cable,otherwise the power will connect to ground.