LSM6DS3 Pin Mapping to XIAO?

I am new to the XIAO I have the XIAO Sense inbound mainly to use the LSM6DS3 that is integrated. I would like to exploit at least one of the interrupt pins on the LSM6DS3 is the schematic available showing the pin connections between the XIAO and the LSM6DS3?

I want to use the LSM6DS3 for Tap Detection so it would be much easier if I could use the processing capability on the accelerometer instead of implementing the same onboard the XIAO.

I apologize in advance if the schematic is highly visible, I have not been able to find it.


I found the schematic you can find it here I should have looked harder as the link is on the webpage for the product. The int1 pin on the accelerometer is mapped over to the PO.01 pin on the nRF52840, this makes the package much more capable for my application.

Sorry to waste the bandwidth because I did not look hard enough for the information.

Did you meant to say P0.11 is the INT1 pin going to the LSM6DS? I am getting confused on the schematics and the variant files pin mappings.