low-cost recharging & auto-switching battery/mains module?

Is anyone aware of a module/kit that comprises of a quick power-block (s.a. for Arduino), with 3.3-5V @ 1Amp-500mA output, and that can do the proper recharging (without damaging) the battery pack, and also auto-switch between mains and battery, when mains power is unavailable ?

I’ve been struggling to find such kits or modules, and my requirements range from 3.3V-5V, with output power rating of 300mA-2Amp, but happy to have a more specific solution. Of course, keeping costs low is one of the concerns. Any suggestions ?

Hi :slight_smile: ,
You can have a look at lipo-rider.
seeedstudio.com/depot/lipo-r … ?cPath=155
seeedstudio.com/depot/lipo-r … ?cPath=155


Thanks @deray.

Li-Po Rider (& Rider pro) seem to go a long way in the direction I am searching, just that it seems to do more things than I might need, and it wasn’t clear if it can do power-source switching. I was hoping to address the power module to include –

  1. battery charging
  2. battery / wall-power switching
  3. battery life reporting (though not essential)

and cost not more than $10-$12 including wallwart + 1000mAh LiPO, in smallish volumes (100-250pcs) ?