LoRaWAN® End Node

Hello all
I need to configure my LoRa-E5 mini development board as a End node. So I followed the steps shown in:

I downloaded the existing zip file given in:

Created hex file by building the existing code successfully and program the hex file into the LoRa-E5 mini board using ST-LINK/V2.(Followed up to step 12 in wiki.SeeedStudio)

After giving “Start programming” in Erasing & Programming window I got several errors as follows:

I got following errors in log window:
19:20:24 : Error: Unable to get core ID
19:20:24 : Warning: Connection to device 0x497 is lost
19:20:25 : Disconnected from device.

So please someone come forward to assist me.

For what it is worth:
I got the same errors…I took a WIO-E5 mini and put it on a very simple custom board that was castellated and had a boot and reset switch…If I did as the wiki said under the End Node section:


That is hold reset, click connect then release reset I seen the same thing you are seeing!
I decided not to do that and just hit connect…When doing so I got the hex file to load fine without any warnings or errors…

Also found that If I compiled the code in STM32Cube IDE and loaded it that way download worked too.

I am finding however some code issue with the run sequencer as my console in the IDE keeps responding

Target is not responding, retrying...

after I hit run in the IDE

Same problem,
I can connect the device via st link only if I press the btn reset, but when I release the button, I received the error Unable to get core ID

i figured out how to fix,
in my case, if I hold down the reset button I can connect, as soon as I release the button it disconnects,
I kept the reset button pressed and then i did a full chip erase.
after this the error is gone and i can debug with arduino and stmcube