LoRa-E5 mini point to point

Hi, I have no experience at all in the LoRa technology. I purchased two kit of LoRa-E5 mini with the intention of communicating one with the other by their own, without any external gateway. Is that possible? Must I use necessarily a third gateway module connected to a LoRawan server? Please, help!

Hi @Maxi_Guzman, I have the same query as you have posted. Any luck with the Lora communication between two Lora-E5?

Can anyone please help with this query?
@ming.wen @acutetech

Hello, if you need to do communication development between two loras, you need a certain stm32 development foundation and experience, we will consider related routines.

Here are the programs and codes I wrote when I was developing them. You can use them to learn and refer to them. If you can understand them well, I believe that you can also complete the secondary development you need.

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Thank you @Citric! That was helpful!