LORA E5 internal GPIO for RF SW control

I’m designing my custom Lora E5 board and it will be programed with the STM32CUBEIDE.
I saw the PingPong example with the stm32wle5jcc and im having some trouble porting it to the LoraE5.
Are those GPIOS not available externally, available internally? To drive the subghz aplication I need to use 3 GPIOS “RF SW CTRL”, can this be used with internal gpios although they are not externally available?
Thank you for your time.

+1 to this. CubeMX asks me to set these 3 GPIOs and in the product page there´s not enough information:

Info on the Lora E5 page:

2.2 Hardware

  • Clock Configuration:
  • HSE
    • 32MHz TCXO
    • TCXO power supply: PB0-VDD_TCXO
  • LSE
    • 32.768KHz crystal oscillator
  • RF Switch
    • Receive: PA4=1, PB5=0
    • Transmit(high output power, SMPS mode): PA4=0, PB5=1

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, found out that there is a CubeMX example here:

Im trying that code and it works, but that´s not what I’m looking for. I want to create a simpler version, just sending messages between 2 boards and there’s still an error with the RF SW CTRL 3.
Thank you


I have the same problem…
I tried to use the hardware configuration of this repo (creating a new project from the .ioc file) : GitHub - danak6jq/Seeed-LoRa-E5: LoRaWAN end node built from scratch using CubeMX for WLE5x in the LoRa-E5

But I’t still doesn’t works…

Did you find a solution ?