LoRa-E5 data seen on TTN

Hi. I’ve been working on with LoRa-E5 in a LoRaWAN set up. I was successful to connect our designed LoRa-E5 to a LoRa Gateway and my initial “LoRa-E5” data was seen on TTN.

However, I tried to modify the data I’m sending that’s where I’ve been having an issue until now. First, if I send two data, such as “LoRa-E5” and “Transmitter”, only the “LoRa-E5” data was seen on TTN. Second, I tried sending this data on my simple code (see attached code below) but I got an error of LENGTH ERORR -11 or LENGTH ERROR -20. I can’t really proceed from these issues I’ve been experiencing.

Sample result I got:

I used nRF board as my host MCU for my current set up.

I hope someone could shed a light on these matters.

Thank you!