🥳 Live Stream , Live Stream... Popcorn Ready,! go

It’s time for some Live streaming, from The Head-Cheese, The main MAN and CEO, The Pedrone’ if you will. On news from the TOP to the Bottom. :grin: 2-days to go!

It’s ON!


apparently it is now starting 9:00 EST

Anyone want to live comment on the stream here?

Good Live Stream,
I’m surprised though, They both said Xiao is there No.1 selling Product.
Yet NO new Xiao or info? They are 2 versions Behind IMO. They need to get the Xiao Nrf54L10 Rolling ASAP!
I just clicked BUY, I bought the ReSpeaker on Christina’s recommendation. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’ll buy whatever she’s selling for sure… LOL :heart_eyes:
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v:

Except the HA green or yellow, I got 2 i5 Nuc’s off Ebay $40 ea. 16G ram and SSD.
I tried to load the HA image and had it all working great Until I forgot the main password I used? Locked out, Now… Starting Over.
I already have Homeseer for over 10 years, X10 and Zwave sensors everywhere and thermostat… runs the whole house.
I want to set up a HA test bench. with one and Slowly move over to it for the Home as well.
works good , running on a Dell SFF i5.

The XIAO is not as high profit margin but he did talk about the creator project… we need to get into that

Pfft ,
$16 for the Sense… They are making Plenty. more than 50% is easily profit ,non-recurring engineering fees, no paid support over head… They are making a killing on that LINE. forsure.
They have such a wide breadth of products, Too many for some. but spread across the arena , they are in fine shape.
All the AI and HA stuff may be to diluting in their core business, is my fear.
any way here is my foray into HA, roll your own…
I 3d printed and expansion chassis. “the Nuckle-Head” so I can add an SSD sata Drive.
these i5’s are smoking fast and plenty o RAM (32Gig) handle all of the HA around. Add in a coral and Frigate is a done deal.

Nice ! its really funny I have been doing autoCAD all my life, even some 3D stuff but i can wrap my head around the fusion ecosystem… I guess you cant teach an old dog new tricks…

Hi there,
I use freeCad, so many Tutorials on it and it’s ah’ FREE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yea I go back to the P-Cad days and the Sentinel on the serial port, LOL
GL :slight_smile: PJ