Lipo Rider used with Wireless Power supply

On the Wireless Power Supply WiKi page, it suggests that the Wireless Power Supply is ideally used with a Lipo Rider unit to charge LiPo batteries.

In the Wireless Power supply documentation, it says that the output voltage from the wireless receiver falls to less than 4 volts when 2mm away from the wireless transmitter. … wer_Supply

In the WiKi pages for the LipO Rider, it says that the min input voltage is 4.8 volts.

Thus would seem that unless the Wireless Receiver is more or less touching the transmitter, then they wont be enough voltage to charge the battery attached to the LiPo rider.

How can I use the Wireless Power supply to charge my LiPo batter across a gap of about 5mm ??

thanks and rgds, Jim

Hi there,

I’m try to use about 5mm gap to charge battery is perfect.
When over 10mm then would be reduce the voltage.

So hope can help you.

best regards,