LiPo rider pro


Question 1.
Can I use this solar cell:
with the LiPo rider pro?
The LiPo rider solar input is rated 4.8-6.5v.
The solar cell above is nominally 5.6v but its data sheet has graphs up to 8v??

Question 2.
If I connect a 3.7v 3Ahr LiPo battery to the battery connector, can I use the USB on the LiPo rider to charge my mobile phone (which has a 3.7v 1350Mah Li-Ion battery)?

Sorry, i know it’s basic stuff but any help will be appreciated.

Hi there,

1.8V is too high that can burn the board.
So the solar cell is not compatible.

2.The battery could change but you should conform that charging voltage and current is the same value.