Lipo rider pro problem


I’ve got a lipo rider pro, with a 1W solar panel, and a battery pack 2000mAh.

I’ve got a problem with it, the solar panel is directly face to the sun, during all day, and the battery stay in 30-60% of charge.

How many time it can take to charge a 2000mah battery ? Any way to check if the charge works ?


No one ?

Hey the 1 w solar panel maybe provide a small support to your battery , a larger solar panel maybe effective. And if the Red LED state is power on, that means your device is charging now.

Yes, but the battery stay empty, after somes days direct in the sun…
I need to search a 3,5W (max of the rider pro I think)…


I tried with an 3W solar panel… same problem.

I tried with another lipo rider pro, same problem with 1W and 3W solar panel, but I can’t be the battery because she’s charging with usb input.

What can I try ?

do you test the voltage of your solar panel ? if it’s under 4.5V, it wouldn’t charge. :confused: