Lipo Rider Pro possible output voltage / noise problem

I am using the Lipo Rider Pro with the 6000mAh battery connected to a GoPro Hero2 with the PS-003 programmable scheduler time lapse controller board from cam-do. The GoPro Hero2 has an internal battery, but the Lipo Rider Pro / battery is used to extend the run time of the GoPro (it will keep the internal battery charged). I have encountered a problem where the scheduler board will spontaneously reset or hang when being powered by the Lipo Rider Pro. It does not have any problem when the Lipo Rider Pro is disconnected. It may take minutes or hours for the failure to occur, but once it does, my recording stops.

The maker of the PS-003 has said that the problem is consistent with a power supply problem (possible output voltage variations or noise on the line that gets coupled into the timer board). Unfortunately I don’t have easy access to a scope to capture a trace of the power lines at the time of the failure to really see what is going on.

Are there any known issues or other reports of noise on the 5v output line (or ground I suppose)?

Hi, Lipo rider Pro ripple less than 150mV. I noticed the GoPro Programmable Scheduler power supply should be rated at a minimum of 1 amp (1000 mA). Lipo rider Pro maximum load current is 1A. i think this is the problem.