LiPo Rider Pro paired with 3W solar panel

I have read on this forum that all solar panel sold by SeeedStudio can be paired with the LiPo Rider Pro (viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3189)

However I think I may have “burnt” the LiPo Rider Pro with the 3W solar panel.

You can see some photos of the board here: … directlink

Either C2 and C6 are burnt. Or U2 is burnt and it sent smoke on C2 and C6.

The wiki says the max voltage input for Lipo Rider Pro is 6.5V. I have measured the 3W solar panel output voltage under the sun : 6.6V (it was a sunny day, but 10am and the sun was not at its peak). Even the small 0.5W panel outputs 6.3V

I’m not keen to order a new LiPo Rider Pro until I get some reassurance that it is really safe to use whatever the sun conditions. Are you thinking at a revised version with some form of protection included ?

What do you think at SeeedStudio ?


Dear customer,
Sorry for the inconvenience brought . We have noticed this issue , maybe is the quality problem of solar panel , and the Lipo Rider Pro lack of some protection. We will test it , and give you a answer soon.
Apologize again,and thanks for your question.