Lipo Rider Plus - don't understand the pins

This is the pinout diagram from the docs, but it doesn’t make much sense:

What is the EN pin? Is this to operate the manual switch with a microcontroller?
Does the 5V pin give access to the 5V output, or is that 5V accessible only through the big USB port? If this pin doesn’t give access to the 5V output, what’s this pin for?
What does the BAT pin do?
What does the USB pin do?

Would love to have answers to these questions, as the docs aren’t very clear.



I agree with you that the function of pin EN and how to use it is is not very clear.

Bat tells u what the power from the battery is.
USB gives you always 5 V
5V gives you only 5V as the switch is on (maybe using pin EN ?).

The scheme you can use to see the wiring or else you can use your voltage meter.

My idea of how it should work.

The micro switch is set to on.
5 V output and power to USB-A is always on
If you connect EN to GND you break the powersupply.As mosfet AON7403 in is also concected to ground.