Lipo Rider Normal / Pro - Two outputs


I want to use a Lipo Rider Normal / Pro, in my project.
A current limit of 400mA/1A on the 5V in-built booster is more than enough for my Arduino.

However I want to use one beefy battery to power all of my parts in my project (Instead of using 2 batts / chargers). I want to connect a 3A DC-DC Booster to separately power things that the Arduino cannot power, for example a 6V Motor shield with 4x Motors.

My question is whether I can directly hook-up to the 3.7v output of the IC charger, so I can use up my discrete dc-dc booster. Is that possible?

To be more clear, I want to hook things up like that:

Lipo Battery => IC Charger =>
A. Built-in 5V booster that goes to the USB output
B. Discrete (My own) DC-DC Booster

I do not want to directly connect my discrete booster to the battery, because undesired effects can occur such as unbalanced charging for example.

Also, what is the IC charger used in the Lipo Rider and the Lipo Rider Pro?


yeah , it is possible to do that ,just jumper the wire to your DC-DC Booster .

about the  IC charger , you can find from the schematic diagram downloaded on wiki .

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