Lipo Rider: deep discharge protection and load switch


the wiki and the forum ist really great, but I can’t find following answers:

  1. is there a deep discharge protection for the battery?

  2. when the battery got (almost) empty and becomes charged again, will the load be automatically powered on again?

pls answer for both versions of Lipo Rider.

Thank you,

hi simon~

  1. yes , there is a deep discharge protection

  2. yes, will automatically powered on again~


May I follow up on this: is there any easy way to increase the deep discharge protection voltage? I use the Lipo Rider Pro as an USB for my Raspberry Pi, but it discharges so much, that it cannot boot up again once I reconnect power (I guess because the RPi draws too much current). I would like to increase the deep discharge threshold, sacrificing a bit of battery time, but enabling smooth re-start

I think, I’ve got the similar problem like mail23: I have a small router connected, and it keeps the battery empty once discharged, if it’s powered on all the time. One way could be a larger solar panel, as for router power + battery charging power.
But a better way would be: first charge the battery to a minimum level (e.g. 10%, 20%) and then switch on load, not before.
The raspberrry pi might also need a lot of power on boot up, like my router, and less at normal operation. So there should be a reserve in the battery before powering up the device…

I don’t know, if all versions have the same charging ic, V1.1 has: … CN3065.pdf
maybe changing ISET (charging current) might help, but I’ll look for another way…