LinkStar H68K - How can I turn Wi-Fi on @ Pre-installed Android

I’ve got LinkStar H68K today. (H68K-1432)
I turned on Wi-Fi in the Network & Internet Settings,
but when I exit the menu, Wi-Fi displayed as off.
(“Wi-Fi is turned off” @ Network & Internet Settings)

How can I turn Wi-Fi on?

HI, WiFi for Android is not currently supported, our next release will support external USB WiFi, stay tuned!

Thanks for the answer.
Are there any plans to support the WiFi module included in the LinkStar-H68K-1432 on Android?

Yes, we have plans to support WiFi use on Android, but the exact date of implementation is not yet known, so stay tuned!

The Wifi was one of the main reasons I purchased a LinkStar, this statement is what sold me on it:

Outstanding Wi-Fi 6 Technology

With wireless capability, it can perform as a repeater and connect different Wi-Fi at different places like hotels and cafes, then convert them to a network you set up, to link all your devices, which is beneficial for your travel or business trip.

How can I get that functionality out of the box?

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You can’t, but it’s not too difficult to install OpenWRT.