Link Star H68K - What can I do with all that free space?

I just installed OpenWrt to the eMMC on my H68K. It was really pretty easy to do. But since the image uses a fraction of the storage, there’s about 28g sitting unused. I’m wondering how this space should be managed?

I know I could make it into a partition, format it, and mount it as a filesystem. But, is that going to cause problems later on? Do I need to keep some free space in reserve for future upgrades?

Any advice would be welcome.

One thing to do is set it up so you can add anything like Docker Containers that you might want to control.
I am looking into creating a Docker that will hold SABNZBD and scan a few indexers for RSS for a short term holding. I used an 256G SDmicro chip. I then set the mount points. the emmc that is installed points to /opt for docker use. I format the remainder of the 256G chip for three folders. /Watched /Downloading /Failed
Remember to point to each as a mount point for SAB. Setting your system to only run 1 hour a night is more than enough to grap any file that is in your cart on the indexers you visit. To learn more. Study up on RSS and SAB. A old website I follow is
It is not very up to date but will give advise on how to run a plex server on windows. You just set your network shares to see the folders on the H68K and go from there. Hope this helps

So what happens when you need to flash an update and the new image is bigger than the old one? Are you going to have to rebuild /opt?

If you want to use the space for docker images, or other OpenWRT apps you can setup extroot [OpenWrt Wiki] Extroot configuration

If you want to use it as extra NAS storage just format it and setup a network share.

Another ides is personal cloud storage with NextCloud. Easy setup with Docker.