LHT65 - how to?

I have a couple new LHT65s and a the things indoor gateway (TTIG)

I think I have the gateway setup correctly it appears in “the things stack” as connected. When I hold down the ACT button on the LHT65 for 5 seconds it blinks green 5 times then red and that is it on the unit? on the the things stack webpage I see a msg in the live data that it "Received uplink message : JoineEUI :### DevEUI:### bandwith 125000 …: and the msg continues to a raw payload string of #products:shields
So I have a couple of questions

  1. shouldn’t the LHT65 have a green light blink at the end of holding down the act button?
  2. does the LHT65 have to be identified in an app as an end device for this to happen?
  3. I created a blank app and added the end device and i see data when I hit the act button but it does not appear to be automatic?

is there a good demo/tutorial someone can recommend