LCD RGB Backlight V4 questions

I am using the above with an MSP430FR2355. I need to write drivers for the LCD and RGB in C.
I am trying to use the datasheets
Seeed datasheet

DF Robot similar part

The questions:

  1. I would like to have a pointer to a data set (type to be determined) on the embedded MSP and send this to the LCD…Can someone conceptually tell me how to do this? It seems to me that I would use DDRAM for this. (My limited knowledge is that I would have to be able to identify the CGRAM code for each character write if using CGRAM)…If DDRAM, can you give an example of how to do this as the datasheets (both of them are very vague)?

  2. I find, for example, if I write 7C (slave write), 46 (CGRAM, address 6), 36 (Data = 6) that I write a 6 to the module…Using page 6 of the DF Robot showing the Write mode, it appears that I really should be writing 7C (slave write), 80(control), 46(CGRAM address), 00(control), 36(data) yet this does not work at all…Can someone explain to me what I am missing?? I ask because I really need to know how to write a stream of data to the LCD??

thank you