Jetson sub mini-pc schematics for USB-C power area

Hi, I purchased SKU 102110641, Jetson SUB Mini PC-Black is based on the Jetson Xavier NX module. I opened it up to check on connections before powering on and, using PSU that came with device, I got magic smoke; I probably reconnected HDD connector incorrectly.
I opened it back up and the diodes/IC in area D122, D123, D124, Q114, Q104, U104 are toast. I would like to replace these or get replacement board 900-44075-0001 REV 2.0_20210928. Can someone help with either the schematics for this area so I can source the parts or provide how to purchase the carrier board separately without buying entire new SUB Mini PC?
Also, is there connector layout or diagram? I disconnected the HDD connector and I think I connected it to wrong location.
Thank you.