Jetson Nano breaks on jetpack 4.6.4 update

I was unable to find exactly where to post this, so some help there would be appreciated.

I found a couple weeks ago when nVidia pushed their Jetpack 4.6.4 update for the Jetson Nano, the update was applied via apt-get upgrade and after reboot, none of the cuda or AI features worked anymore on our ReComputer J1020v2.

Last I heard, there needs to be a BSP update made for 4.6.4 before we can upgrade to the latest jetpack in the field.

Any word on when this will be available, or if apt-get upgrade will ever be safe to do on these?

I also saw the nvidia official information: JetPack SDK 4.6.4 | NVIDIA Developer

I think if you need a column of cuda or AI functionality on the Recomputer J1020 for work or life, try not to update it to avoid the hassle

After some extensive testing on what’s breaking here, I came to the conclusion it may have something to do with running the OS from the NVME.

I loaded a system with 4.6.3 on the internal memory, did an sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade and when it came back up with 4.6.4, everything was fine.

But when I tested it with the OS on a NVME (moved from internal memory to NVME via this guide at forecr), after completing the upgrade via sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade it comes back up with a blank display. I can still log in via ssh, but the desktop is gone. Also all of the cuda and jetson specific programs don’t work (like jtop, for example).

We have 5 systems in the field with 4.5.1, and 3 with 4.6.3, so risking an upgrade breaking these would be catastrophic.