Jetson mate switch drivers

Hi, I bought the jetson mate board and populated the jetson nanos on the slots. Now on the master slot i’m unable to see all the phy interfaces of the slave jetson nano. According to your seeed documentation we should already see the interfaces on the master. I checked the kernel and there’s no KSZ9896 switch driver. Here are microchip driver: GitHub - Microchip-Ethernet/EVB-KSZ9477: Repository for using Microchip EVB-KSZ9477 board. Product Supported: KSZ9477, KSZ9567, KSZ9897, KSZ9896, KSZ8567, KSZ8565, KSZ9893, KSZ9563, KSZ8563, Phys(KSZ9031/9131, LAN8770. Is there a help guide how to integrate this. i.e the device tree, how to compile it and load the module. I understand dtc is board specific, what is the i2c configuration for the switch on this board and what should be the dtc entries. Do i need recompile the kernel or can i compile and dynamically load dtc. I would want to dynamically load the kernel module for the switch.
Thanks for any help

Hello, any help here please!

maybe you can check the nvidia’s documentation for it.