Jetson Mate Setup Failure

I have my new Jetson Mate and two Jetson Nano, and one Xavier NX. I am trying to follow the Seeed Wiki to set this up and immediately ran into an issue that seems to have been reported by several people recently in the Nvidia Developer Forum. The issue occurs during the initial setup of the Nvidia SDK and is not limited to using the Jetson Mate. Of note: my host system is an ODYSSEY X86J4105 running Ubuntu 18.04.5 (Ubuntu insists on upgrading 18.04 to 18.04.5 when I do a simple apt upgrade).

Where things go bad is in step 2 of the SDK setup procedure. As several others have reported in the Nvidia forums, I get the dreaded message, “Oops! could not load the Nvidia SDK details.” However, step 1 works as it should with the SDK tool recognizing the Nano module installed as the master in the Mate. I have double and triple checked I have excellent internet connectivity too. Unfortunately, no one in the Nvidia forums offers any solution. I’m using a straight cable modem with an ASUS router - no VPN.