Jetson mate boot failure

I bought jetson mate recently. It was all good till i flashed all(three) my jetson modules putting them on the master slot. When i plugged all three modules and booted, i could smell something burnt. I unplugged the mate immediately and found that Q1 mosfet - CJ2305 was burnt. I replaced the mosfet with a new one. I could boot the master node only. But when i plugged in more i lost the master node. Looks like again the same mosfet is burnt. Now, the master slot is not usable. The modules on the worker slots look fine. They boot well, i can say from the status of the leds.
Can somebody tell me why this mosfet is not holding on. Is there something i need to debug ? Is there any warranty on this product ? I bought this in the first week of June on amazon. Amazon return period is over, how can i replace this ? Or can i fix this myself ?