J2022 Flash fails at BCT's

I am trying to reimage a J2022 back to base image that was pre-flashed to the board when I first purchased the device. I followed the instructions, using the command line method. The flash script fails when trying to send the BCT’s, as seen by the log attached. I am trying to flash it from a host imaged with Ubuntu 20.04 using *sudo ./flash.sh jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc mmcblk0p1
*. I’ve tried the sdkmanager method as well which resulted in a similar error. The device does signal it is in recovery mode as lsusb shows the device with 0955:7e19. Is this module permanently corrupted is there something additional that I need to do to get the flash to work?

May I ask which version of Jetpack you are planning to flash? Can you post the full log message so that we can help you better

I was following the instructions that flashed the board via command line so I am not sure which Jetpack versions maps to which Jetson Linux version. As a result I did not interact with Nvidia’s sdkmanager and instead retrieved Jetson Linux versions from the archives. I have tried the following Jetson Linux versions: 32.7.1, 32.7.3, 32.7.4, and 35.5.0. When I try to upload documents I get the following error: “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.” Is there another space I can upload the logs to?

You can send me the file by placing it on your Google drive.

Hello, apologies for the long response time, was pulled onto another project. I cannot place it on google drive. Is there another internal message system I can send something to you directly instead of in a forum?