J101 Jetson Nano Enable Sd Card

While installing Jetson Nano, I get an error in the step in the photo, no matter what I tried, the sd card could not be seen. I don’t understand exactly where I made a mistake.
Note: I am writing from Google translate, I hope it is understandable.

HI, have you tried replacing the SD card to test it?

Yes, I tried more than one Sd card, but it didn’t work. If you are using this model and you have successfully installed it, can you tell me what you did in the installation steps, maybe it will be useful for me if I understand exactly where I made a mistake.

It looks like your jetson doesn’t have drivers, this wiki has a way to install them

I installed and flashed both packages and I didn’t get any error in that part.

What is the error you are referring to above and can you paste the error message?