Issue with TH02 sensor

I’m using the TH02 sensor together with a seeeduino v4 + grove shield in 5V mode. I’m using it to drive a relay and keep a germination box at the correct temperature.

I have put 2 separate thermometers in the box as well to make sure the temperature reading is correct. This is how I discovered that the reading of the TH02 was completely wrong after running for several hours. It was stuck on 24.5°C and the box was actually at 35°C because it kept heating since the TH02 was saying the temp was too low. Sometimes it says 26° when it’s actually 22°. etc.

When I unplug/reset the seeeduino it immediately shows me the correct value. So it’s not a calibration issue and seems to be an issue when letting it run over longer period of time. I don’t do any calculations on the temp reading, so there is no issue in my code that could cause this. Is it a faulty sensor? Is there something else I can do? Force reset every hour or something?