Issue with Sense Cap Loudness and All-in-one Environmental SEN54 sensors integration

Hello, I am doing a project to monitor the environmental conditions in a smart home. For this, Al the sensor that I am using I got from seeed studio. To visualize the variables, I connected all the sensors with I2C port to the SenseCAP S2110 Sensor Builder and then to the SenseCAP S2100 Data Logger (as appears in the wiki : seeedstudio Build-LoRaWAN-Sensors-SenseCAP-XIAO-Controller-Data -Logger ). The above allows me to view the data through the Sense CAP Mate application. As a process to obtain the visualization of the sensor data in the App, I configured the parameters of both the DataLogger and the SenseCAP Builder in the App.

In particular I am having problems with the Grove Loudness Sensor (Grove - Loudness Sensor | Seeed Studio Wiki) and the Grove All-in-one Environmental Sensor SEN54 (Grove SEN5X All in One | Seeed Studio Wiki /). The problem I have with these sensors is that I cannot view the data in the Sense CAP Mate application. An error appears in the App. Regarding the above, my questions are, do you know why the problem occurs? Is it necessary to reconfigure the senseCap builder in another way (perhaps by incorporating something into the preloaded program)?

Thank you in advance

Hello Simon,

I’m Yilin, a member of the Seeed tech support team. First of all, thank you for sharing your project and the issues you’ve encountered. The two Grove sensors you mentioned are not currently supported by our firmware.

To address this problem, our team has provided a GitHub(GitHub - Seeed-Studio/Seeed_Arduino_S2110: Source code for SenseCAP S2110 Grove to MODBUS RS485 Converter. An open-source tool to build LoRaWAN sensors) repository link. You can visit this link and add the sensors you need by yourself.

If you have any questions about how to add sensor support or encounter any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime. We’re here to help.

Best Regards!

Are the sensors working well without the app? I mean if you test these sensor simply with an Arduino, can you read the data in the serial monitor?

I really appreciate your kind response, it has helped me a lot. However, I still have some questions about how should I finally build and configure my own LoraWan sensor.

I have followed all the steps provided in the link in the email above. In this way and because I have edited the source code of Sense CAP S2120 Sense Builder, I have decided to fork the GitHub repository into the repository of our work group. I provide you with the link GitHub - roboticsuantof/Seeed_Arduino_S2110: Source code for SenseCAP S2110 Grove to MODBUS RS485 Converter. An open-source tool to build LoRaWAN sensors.

So in this repository, I have added something related to one of our new sensors, called sensorLoudness. For this, the file “src/sensor/sensorLoudness.hpp” was added, and the files “src/sensorBuilder.hpp” and examples/sensorBuilder/sensorBuilder.ino were edited.

With everything done above, I have three doubts that do not allow me to move forward with the project:

  1. In which file should I define the registration address of our new sensor, taking into account that it must start from 0x0034?
  2. Where should I add the files related to the new sensor such as “Loudness.h” and “Loudness.cpp”, where the classes and methods of this new sensor are defined? Or otherwise, how does the Sense Builder find the headers of the sensors and this new sensor? (I share a link to another repository created where the elements of the Loudness sensor are located GitHub - roboticsuantof/sensorLoudness: Class and method for Sensor Loudness generated for SenseCAP S2110 SenseBuilder from SeeedStudio)
  3. Finally, how should I compile all these modifications? Is this done by compiling the sensorBuilder.ino sketch found in the first shared link?

I look forward to your comments, and thanks in advance.

Hi tepalia02, thank you a lot for your answer. Yes, we have connected directly the sensor to Arduino and we get data from the serial monitor. Our issue is that we have sensors (Grove Loudness sensor and Grove All-in-one Environmental Sensor SEN54) that are not recognized with a concrete Register Address for the SenseCAP S2110 Sensor Builder and so we can’t read the information through the SenseCAP S2120 Datalogger.
I would like to know how I can include a program to read the Loudness Sensor data in SenseBuilder and so, on in DataLogger.

Thank you in advance