Issue with Direct Downlink Transmission from WM1302 Gateway

Title: Issue with Direct Transmission from WM1302 Gateway to RAK4630 Node

Hello Seeed Studio Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m currently working with the WM1302 gateway and attempting to send downlink packets directly to end nodes, specifically the RAK4630, without involving a network server like TTN. I’ve encountered an issue where, although the data seems to be transmitted from the module, it’s not being received at the node end.


  • Gateway Model: WM1302
  • End Node Model: RAK4630
  • Issue Summary: Unable to receive downlink messages on RAK4630 end nodes.
  • Scenario: Attempting to bypass the network server for direct downlink transmission.
  • Observations: The code for transmitting data from the gateway appears to be working without errors.

Additional Information:


  1. Is it technically feasible to send downlink messages directly from the WM1302 gateway to the RAK4630 node without using a network server like TTN?
  2. Are there specific considerations or configurations that need to be addressed for direct downlink transmission, especially with the WM1302 and RAK4630?
  3. Could security concerns be a factor in the lack of reception on the RAK4630 node?

I appreciate any insights, guidance, or suggestions the community can provide to help resolve this issue. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards, Stalin T John

what does this code means,is it a lora or lorawan