Is there a Grove connector eInk display?

Probably a stupid question - I am not really a hardware guy - sorry.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -2889.html”></LINK_TEXT>

Is this eInk display connected to a standard Grove connector? Are there others?

Hi there~

Yes, it is. It can be connected to port UART of Grove-Base Shield and we also have another Triple Color E-Ink Display whose dimension is 1.54’’.

Here is the link:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -2890.html”></LINK_TEXT>


best rgds


But not he big 2.7" ? Pity.

Another stupid question - is there a standard Grove-Base Shield for all ESP32s?

Here is the link to 2.7’’ Triple-Color E-Ink Shield for Arduino:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -4069.html”></LINK_TEXT>