Is my bluetooth bee broken? (nothing but ERROR)

so I had my bluetooth bee connected to a PC for a short time, long enough to set it to slave mode. Now whenever I contact it I get nothing but “ERROR”

For instance this is what I see after resetting it and trying to set the mode again using sscom3.2 and windos 7 64bit:






the command I am sending is +STWMOD=1 and everything else should still be default 38400, I have the check box for send new checked.

I have also read through viewtopic.php?f=4&t=687 and it provides no helpful information.

computer -> USB cable -> UartSBee -> Bluetooth bee

It also doesnt matter what command I send it they all give error. I have tried multiple commands from:

Make sure to send “\r\n” (0d 0a in hex) before and after +STWMOD=1.


ok, so why did it work using sscom the first time, then suddenly stop working for text input?

I dont want to have to go figure out all the commands in hex just to set this thing up.