Is it possible to connect and use the modules and s/w from this Grove Arduino Kit with XOAO ESP32 C3

I got a few of these XIAO ESP32-C3 modules assuming that if I got the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino as well that I could bypass the Uno Clone card in the center and interface directly between the C3 Dev module and the individual Grove modules. I see now that not all are I2C. some are digital PWM and analog etc where can I get guidance on wiring / using them with the ESP-32-C3 ? I ran the C3 blink demo on a LED directly as shown in your guide … but using a 4 wire to Grove female connector to connect to these Grove modules… well it doesn’t work without a mod to the sketches which appear tailored to ONLY work in concert with the UNO Grove Kit module in line… how do I bypass it?


The best way i could say is to purchase the XIAO Expansion board product
then you should be able to make direct connections using the Grove Cable to the apropriate ports

as you noticed, different ports are wired differently so you will need to connect IIC devices to IIC ports, analog to the apropriate pen ports and UART connect to UART ports

all the grove cable and ports have 4 wire, ground, power, data pin A and data pin B
the grove connectors are arranged so that the power and ground are in the same location
so they are standard, but the data pins can be routed internally to different pins on the pcb/controler

each of these will require investigation of the pinout of all devices, as well as the code to determine

hope this helps!