IPS display OTM8009A on K210

I started project with that display which is 800x480 16bit and was wondering if anyone programmed that IPS. It is actually a 4.0" LCD module witch touch controller
K210 is such an amazing chip and speed is absolutely crazy. Boards have so many pins you can program parallel displays with fast speeds exceeding easily 60fps
There are some other displays on the market but this is most affordable one

I actually managed to connect NT35510 TFT 800x480 to K210 with octa SPI multi-line setup
Haven’t tried OTM display yet - they look the same


It is interesting I was able to transfer images thru UART at 2000000 baud rate
I am trying now to add touchscreen -XPT2046 or HR

That display is super nice - I set it up to 8bit bus at 16bit colors
however even when it runs at 8bit speed you still need to send 16bit words because IC seems not to accept bytes