IO Expander for Xiao


I just received the IO Expander for Xiao and soldered the pins.

Many questions:

The pictures on the wiki page are very confusing.

  • Where are located the VBUS, GND and 3V3 pins, on the front and rear sides?
  • How to plug a Xiao board onto the IO Expander for Xiao?

And last,

  • Why the pins aren’t provided with the IO Expander for Xiao?

Thank you!

Hi there,
Yea preaching to the quire here, No pins… :see_no_evil: :money_mouth_face:
However I did get some pins and a grove connector??(see Picture)
The 404 has been since it showed up on their linkd in page.
I bought a couple and got the schematic from support here.(Citric a.k.a full-service) :hugs:
pretty trick for just Digital io. or ONE grove connector to Go.
Check my other thread for more? EXPANDO :lying_face:
GL :slight_smile: PJ

i think they not making it anymore -i think they may come out with an update… but removing it from the internet makes it hard for those who already have one

I apologize for informing you that the product planning is currently being adjusted, and further notification will be provided in due course.

This is the pinout information about the IO Expander for Xiao, the D0 pin has been circled in red.


More detailed schematic information is here: Xiao IO expander COMING - #18 by Citric

We appreciate your feedback and we will be actively updating the Wiki in the future.

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Thank you for your prompt answer!

One suggestion would be to mark every Xiao and Xiao-related board with a white dot, for example close to the USB connector or to the 5V pin.

Some boards have already that mark.

We will incorporate your ideas into our improvement plans. Thank you once again for your feedback :grinning:

how can we be included in new product development? i wanna help!

The IO expander is not even mentioned in the Seeed Studio XIAO Series 2023 Roundup :disappointed:

Hello, I am Chunchun, the XIAO series product manager. I’m glad you want to be involved in the design of the new XIAO product. Can you contact me by email? We can discuss some product design ideas. My email is [email protected]