Interfering signals(EMC) using Beaglebone Green Wireless and 4D Systems Touchscreen(GEN4-4DCAPE-50CT-CLB)

Our device uses a touch screen from 4D Systems (GEN4-4DCAPE-50CT-CLB) and the Beaglebone Green Wireless Board. Now we have measured interference outside the allowed range in an EMC pre-test, especially at higher frequencies(200MHz and 1 GHz) we measure peaks in a 30MHz interval. We were able to exclude all other components, so the signal is either from the Beaglebone or the touch screen.
Are there any components on the Beaglebone board that could generate this interference and if so, how could we attenuate it?

EMC problem, I contacted our professional electronic engineer.He sent you a solution email over the weekend. Please check your email.

Hi, we have the same configuration and the same issue. Can you also provide the above-mentioned solution?