EMC emission from beaglebone green

Our product is currently failing EMC testing, and our electronics team has suggested that it could be due to writes to the eMMC memory on the beaglebone green, which we use mainly for logging.

I didn’t think this would be likely, however the response in this topic suggests that it may be possible, and there may be a solution. While the beaglebone that we’re using doesn’t have Wi-Fi nor are we using a touch screen. Is this likely to be an issue? Can you share what the solution email contained?

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You can send an email to technical support to have the relevant engineer analyze the problem for you. support@seeed.cc

Hello Alex,

We finally got the problem under control only with the help of various damping actions(ffc, ferrites, etc.).
It is very likely that the problem occurred in the communication between the Beaglebone Green Wireless Board and the touchscreen.
We were unable to identify the exact cause, but the interference signal oscillates at a frequency of approx. 30 MHz or aberrates from it.

Thanks for your input Andreas.