Installing AX210 wifi / Blutooth m2 key E on orin nano 4GB development kit

Hi, I’m trying to install the above on my nano development board which has ubuntu 20.4 vwith a 5.10.120-tegra kernel installed. According to other forums, the drivers should be present from 5.10.
The computer writes lots of error messages to dmesg and after a while hangs.
hci0: Reading Intel version information failed ( -22)
Does anyone else have information / can help me with installing this card.

Hi there,
from G-man,
Note that AX210 Wifi card requires Linux Kernel 5.10 or above . Current Kernel for Ubuntu 20.04 is 5.8. Any Framework DIY setups should use Ubuntu 21.04 which has Kernel 5.11. Otherwise, WiFi and Bluetooth will not work.

check this,
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Hi, G-man,
as I stated in my initial post, uname -r reports that I have 5.10.120-tegra installed on my J3010.

LOL, That’s Google
So as I understand it, which is much when it comes to the specifics of the Jetson, Nano, or Orin.
but it’s 5.10 with the patched drivers OR 5.11 with updates.
Have you ?


I have some wifi 6 going on other hardware, One system I had to Update everything first, before installing the card. Go figure.?
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Wow, Nice specs too, “40 TOPS of AI performance and power options between 7W and 15W”