Info to connect LoRa-E5 modules to TTN

The procedure to add an end device to TTN has changed a lot from what is reported in the WiKi of the LoRa-E5 modules …

… or you select the end device from a fixed list (and SeeedStudio LoRa-E5 is not included into the list) or you have to choose the “manual definition” of the various parameters.

In the “manual definition” is necessary to specify:

  1. LoRaWAN version (and you have to choose from MAC V1.0 to MAC V1.1 with the various intermediate versions) … which version is supported by the LoRa-E5 modules?

  2. Regional Parameters version (and you have to choose from PHY V1.0 to PHY V1.1 REV B) … again, which version is supported by the LoRa-E5 modules?

  3. Frequency Plan … I’m in Europe so the recommended is SF9 for RX2 … it’s ok for LoRa-E5 modules?

  4. Activation Mode … hope OTAA is ok for LoRa-E5 modules …

  5. LoRaWAN class capabilities (and you have to choose from “None-Class A only” up to “Class B-C”) … which ones go well with the LoRa-E5 modules?

Thanks in advance to those who can tell me the correct values to add an end device based on a LoRa-E5 module to TTN :slightly_smiling_face:


Made some progress on that ? I tried here selecting nucleo-wl55jc1 platform as it’s the one indicated in Wiki used for Lora part but device still unable to join network :frowning:

None … always waiting for a response from those who know these modules … :roll_eyes:


Will try to get an answer from persom I’m in touch at Seeed as they absolutely need to update the Wiki as TTN V2 will be unplugged end of year and no more usable already !

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@vincen: any news ? :worried:


If can be useful for all, I’m arrived to join the network and to send data to TTN selecting the device from the list … :slightly_smiling_face:

I used for “brand” RuiXingHengFang Network(Shenzhen), “model” RHF0M0E5, “Hardware ver.” Unknown, “Firmware ver.” V4, “Profile (Region)” EU_863_870, “Frequency Plan” SF9 for RX2 (the recommended one) other values other values retrieved from the module with the AT + ID command.

I have also successfully sent an hex message (as a WiKi) using the command AT+MSGHEX=“00 11 22 33 44”

For the moment … hope this can help.

I continue with my tests … :wink:


Hello @guglielmo.braguglia!!

Did you connect via OTAA or ABP mode?. Is there some library to manage the AT commands?

Thanks in advance


Yes, using OTAA :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know, I sent them directly as in the examples, after all …
LoRa-E5 AT Command Specification_V1.0 (723.3 KB) … they are not too much :wink: