IFTTT Example: Thermostat

My previous posting used Node-red for the Thermostat. Here is the same thing but using IFTTT. A thermostat does not need fast reaction times so the high latency of the IFTTT server is not normally a problem but it can take minutes! In this example I have created two recipes on IFTTT - one to sense the Grove Temperature at or above 26 degrees C before it switches on the fan by a Belkin Wemo wifi power switch. The other switches off the fan at or below 25 degees C. This is a good method for beginners but you will soon out grow this method as the response times are too slow or may not happen at all if IFTTT is severely congested.

Hello Philip! Rather than relying on IFTT, I’ll suggest you to write a python script to automate the process. Both Wio Link and Wemo switch support REST API. :slight_smile:

Hello shivamgautam1
I have already written a program in an non blocking language with javascript nodes and these are included in my node-red flows. My posting used both Curl commands from the Linux shell, RESTful APIs (POST & GET)and callbacks. See my other earlier posts. The purpose of this posting on IFTTT was for beginners to compare both IFTTT with node-red which has a better performance than python for event programming. This is the time for discovery and comparison rather than seeking the ideal solution. Is python which is a blocking language better than node-red or javascript or these applications? How would python handle interrupts or events - by polling?