I would like to light up only one LED with this HT16K33 module at a brightness of 20mA

Use by connecting to ESP32.
Connect 64 LEDs to this module. It’s not an 8x8 dot matrix, but it’s essentially the same.
Only one of these 64 LEDs will light up.
At that time, I want about 20mA to flow through that LED.
The LED used is Vf=2.03V. When I turned it on and measured it, only 2.2mA flowed.
I know that with dynamic drive, current flows through the LED in pulses.
Since it is dynamically driven, only 1/8 of the pulse flows through one LED. Therefore, the current value is as low as 2.2mA.
Since only one LED lights up, I think that if I focus the pulses on just that one LED instead of using dynamic drive, I can get the voltage up to about 20mA, but I don’t know how.